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RC8B4 FT Chassis, RWB

RWB = Rear Weight Bias. Major components are shifted rearward to alter the bias and reduce weight on the front tires while increasing weight on the rear tires.

Factory Team is proud to announce the RC8B4 FT RWB Chassis, which began development ahead of the 2022 IFMAR World Championships and saw race winning results with Spencer Rivkin at the 2023 TNR Challenge and Brent Thielke at the 2023 Dirt Nitro Challenge, along with A-Main performances from other team drivers during this time.


  • Durable CNC machined 3mm 7075 aluminum with hard anodized finish and laser etching.
  • RWB = Rear Weight Bias. Shifts engine, tank, center differential, and radio tray rearward 10mm.
  • Increases rear grip in low traction.
  • Improves predictability on rough track conditions.
  • Increases rear chassis stiffness.
  • Installation supplement included.
  • Required (not included): #81580 front and #81581 rear center bones, #81592 RWB radio tray brace or #81433 servo spacers.
  • Fits: RC8B4 nitro buggy.

81589-RC8B4 FT Chassis, RWB

SKU: 784695815896
R$ 937,40Preço
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